Letter to HHIC-Phils. Inc. by the Social Action Center of Zambales

Diocese of Iba


Pope John XXIII Community Center

# 5   12th St., cor.  Gallagher, East Tapinac, Olongapo City, Philippines 2200

Telefax: (047) 222-2050   saczambales@yahoo.com




June 15, 2011



Mr. Taek Kyun Yoo

General  Manager

External Trade Part

HHIC Philippines, Incorporated


Dear Mr. Yoo:

Last May14, 2011 our office received a copy furnished letter addressed to you by SAMAHAN. Some officers and members of the same group visited our office to discuss the content of the letter. You are aware that SACZ has committed itself to the workers and to HHIC to serve as bridge where open dialogue could ensue in the spirit of charity and respect when need arises. SAMAHAN approached us to ask our help in communicating to you their request for a dialogue to address the remaining issues that still affect some of the people working in your company.

We have also been informed that some of the Filipino workers have started a noise barrage during lunch break starting May 30, 2011. It was reported to us that there were also series of suspension of workers and allegedly it was done without due process, and related to their being members of SAMAHAN. There was also a report that a Korean supervisor was hurt by a group of Filipino workers when they saw that one of their co-workers was dragged away.

SAMAHAN told us that they are afraid that the unrest among workers is building up. The noise barrage might continue unless the request for a dialogue happens.

The center is now concerned that it these were true, then, many people might be affected later. We all agree how your company has helped the nation’s economy by providing thousands of jobs. You have assured us how your company value safety, the rule of law and respect for each other. We also believe that a healthy work environment could only happen if there is a conscious respect for the dignity of all persons.

We would like then to bridge the gap of misunderstanding by asking you of your plans how to address the current issues. How do you plan to respond to the request of SAMAHAN for a committee that will sit in dialogue? Are there things you want us to communicate to the SAMAHAN to better understand your position?

We hope that by writing to you, the Church could help in closing the gap of miscommunication.

Again, we thank you for the help you have extended to our communities, especially the poor. We hope to hear from you soon.



Sincerely yours,


Rev. Fr. Hanival Brucelas


Social Action Center of Zambales




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